2010 Winter Olympics Uses Cape Coral’s Own Custom Packaging & Products, Inc. for Athletes and Distinguished Guests

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Custom Packaging & Products, Inc., a Custom Packaging & Branding Company’s Sandwich Wrappers were used in the 2010 Winter Olympics to wrap and serve
sandwiches and snacks for the athletes and distinguished guests of the USA Winter Olympic Team.


CAPE CORAL, Florida—April 2, 2010—Custom Packaging & Products, Inc., a Cape Coral, Florida Custom Packaging & Branding Company now has the honor of having their products used throughout the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Their sandwich wrappers and basket liners were used to serve food and snacks to the athletes and distinguished guests of Team USA at the USA House, where they ate their meals.

It happened when the company sold their products to a distributor who then sold them to a caterer who handled all the food preparation for the USA athletes. It seems the wrappers were also used to wrap gifts in the Team USA store.

Says Ryan Van Horn, President/CEO of Custom Packaging and Products, Inc., “We’re extremely proud and honored to have been able to support Team USA in the 2010 Winter Olympics! It’s exciting to learn our products ended up in such an exciting place during an exciting time to support the best athletes of our country. How often can you say something like that?”

Custom Packaging & Products, Inc. a Custom Packaging & Branding Company provides many different types of wrappings for sandwiches and other food preparation. For more information, please visit www.CustomPackagingAndProducts.com or call 888-895-7540.

About Custom Packaging and Products:
Custom Packaging & Products, Inc. is an independent manufacture of custom-printed food service wraps, bakery items, and specialty printing.

Custom Packaging & Products, Inc. was started over 31 years ago by John Van Horn as a paper converter. A few years later Custom Packaging & Products, Inc. was in the Retail Packaging business printing gift wrap and tissue for Retail Businesses. Over the last seven years they have developed their machinery as well as their products to meet the demands of the market. With over 32 years of experience in the paper business John’s knowledge, hard work, and expertise has allowed him to position Custom Packaging & Products, Inc. as the only manufacture for small minimums of custom-printed sandwich wrappers, deli paper, butcher paper, wrapping paper, and paper board.

In 2004 his son Ryan Van Horn (President/CEO) joined the business to take over the day to day operations and sales end of the business. As the growth continued in 2005 his daughter Andrea Brooker (Vice President) joined the business and is in charge of sales. Custom Packaging & Products, Inc. has always been committed to their customers and their growth depends on you. If you have any questions or comments please let us know.