Custom Printed Hot Paper

crop-hot-paper-sRGB.jpgThe best thing to wrap hot food in is foil, right?

If you serve hot food—hot sandwiches, toasted subs, hot dogs, hot burgers—you might figure that wrapping in aluminum foil is the best option. Foil doesn’t leak, is easy to wrap, and retains heat well. Right?

You might also wonder about the downsides of foil: it’s expensive, it doesn’t show off your brand, and it can’t be microwaved.

Styrofoam is another option, but who wants to eat off of styrofoam? It’s bulky, not renewable or biodegradable, and doesn’t look that great.

A lot of food vendors we talk to don’t know there’s another option: hot paper. Besides performing better than foil and styrofoam in many ways, hot paper can be branded with custom artwork or a logo!

But you’re probably thinking, “There’s no way I can afford printing fifty cases of custom-branded hot paper. What if I don’t even like hot paper? I’ll just stick with plain foil.”

The case for hot paper

Hot paper is a great way to wrap hot food. It’s made to hold in heat and grease like foil, but it’s also microwaveable, renewable, biodegradable, and—best of all—it can show off your custom brand!

We at Custom Packaging & Products have helped many businesses create small orders of custom-printed hot paper. We make it cost-effective to print minimum orders of just one case!

If you’re a restaurant or food vendor, you want your customers to remember their experience. Every time someone looks at your food to take a bite, you want them to be reminded that your food is special, that they absolutely have to come back and order it from you again. You want to make sure people know about your quality, and you’re willing to put your name behind it (or wrapped around it)!

Because our specialized equipment is set up for short print runs, we can help you create this experience for your customers.


Why short-run printing is great

Printing a short run means you don’t have to store fifty cases. It means you can enjoy an affordable unit cost without having to commit to a large total cost. It means you can try it out and see how you and your customers like it, all without making a large investment. And it means you can show people how proud you are of your unique food!

Minimum quantities

Q. What’s the minimum order for hot paper cases?
A: One case of 2,000 sheets.

Q: What’s the minimum order for hot paper rolls?
A: Five rolls at 750 feet per roll.

Whether you manage multiple stores across the country or a single food cart on wheels, we can help you get the branded look you want at a price that makes sense. We know we can do it because we’ve been doing it for over thirty years.

Need a price?

If you’d like a quote on custom-printed hot paper, in sheets or rolls, contact us today!