Custom Printed CPP Eco Kraft Paper

cpp-eco-kraft.jpgMake an eco statement with kraft paper

You’re proud of your unique food, innovative company, and environmental values. You wish you could show off your distinctiveness more, but you probably figured custom-printed food paper would be too too expensive or take too long.

If you asked, “Don’t I have to order fifty cases of paper to get it custom printed? Don’t I have to wait ten weeks or more for delivery? Isn’t it only effective for large companies?” We’d answer: No way. Nope. Not at all!

Eco kraft printed with your design

CPP Eco Kraft paper isn’t bleached like white paper, so it retains its natural brown color. This not only avoids the environmental side effects of bleaching, it also sends a message to your customers about what’s important to you.

Your design–printed with food-safe inks on brown paper–can make a statement.


Why short-run printing is perfect for you

We at Custom Packaging & Products have helped many people create small orders of custom-printed paper. We make it cost-effective to print minimum orders of just one case!

If you’re a restaurant or food vendor, you want your customers to remember their experience. Every time someone takes a bite, you want them to be reminded that your food is special and that you value the same things that they value. You’re willing to put your name behind it (or wrapped around it)!

Because our specialized equipment is set up for short print runs, we can help you create this experience for your customers.

CPP Eco Kraft minimum quantities

Q. What’s the minimum order for CPP Eco Kraft sheets?
A: One case of 4,000 lightweight sheets.

Q: What’s the minimum order for CPP Eco Kraft rolls?
A: Five rolls at 750 feet per roll.

Whether you manage multiple shops across the country or a single store, or you need to get ready for one special event, we can help you get the branded look you want at a price that makes sense. We know we can do it because we’ve been doing it for over thirty years.

Need a price?

If you’d like a quote on custom-printed CPP Eco Kraft, in sheets or rolls, contact us today!

Photos of CPP Eco Kraft in action