Custom Printed Take-Out & To-Go Paper

Options to Put Your Brand on Take-Out, To-Go, and Delivery Foods

As you sell more take-out, to-go, and delivery orders, package your food to show off your unique brand. We have several product options ideal for take-out, to-go, and delivery orders. 

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Our Products Ideal for Take-Out and To-Go Foods

Benefits of Custom-Printed Paper

  • Makes food easier to eat
  • Keeps food together during transportation 
  • Makes food more visually appealing
  • Shows off your logo when customers use social media to share images or videos of their food 

Sandwich Wrap, Deli Paper, or Basket Liners

Minimum Quantities 

  • One case of 4,000 heavyweight sheets, or
  • One case of 5,000 lightweight sheets, or
  • Five rolls at 750 feet per roll

Frequently Asked Questions 

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Custom Printing. Small Quantities. Fast Delivery.

Custom Packaging & Products have helped many businesses create small orders of custom-printed food packaging. We make it cost-effective to print minimum orders of just one case!

You want your customers to remember their experience with your business. With custom printed food packaging, every time someone takes a bite of your food or posts a photo of it online, they'll see and remember your name.

Our specialized equipment is set up for short print runs, making it easy for any size business to achieve their goals.