Being Consistent Matters, From Your Food to Your Basket Liners.

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You have delicious food and all the other necessities, but is it…

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Now you just need to have A Delectable Menu, with descriptions of what customers will get.

Remember to keep with the theme of your restaurant, as it will continue to re-enforce your brand.

This goes from everything, including the basket liners. If your logo is a cow, your basket liner shouldn’t be a chicken.

You want to streamline your branding, make it easy and digestible for the average customer.

Here’s an example:
If you have a Southern BBQ Style Restaurant – you may want to write out your menu with a Southern Drawl… Y’all get the idear?

Leah Gossmann, Directer of Operations at Six Feet Under Atlanta, GA says that

“Over the years, Custom Packaging & Products, Inc. has continued to provide our company with quality basket liners that has served as a Six Feet Under branded back drop for several of our menu items. The product has been consistent and the customer service has been admirable. With new competition surrounding us, we realize the importance of keeping our logo front and center in the eyes of our guests. The logo basket liners definitely help us to achieve that goal.”

As separate parts,

  • A basket liner,
  • A Logo, and
  • A menu

may all seem like very small measures to push your Brand, but together, whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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