Branding Opportunity: Make Sure You Are Taking Advantage of All Opportunities!

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Just as I mentioned the significance of making your Brand a member of the community…

This is the 12th tip in our series “12 Ways to Build Your Brand and Increase Your Sales.” If you’d like, you can download all of the tips in an easy to read eBook format at

it’s just as important to celebrate the holiday season with your community. And, of course, more Branding opportunity!

People love the holidays.

So make it your mission to make your Brand part of their holiday season tradition.

When customers dine with you, you can have holiday specials, and if they take their food home, they’ll take a piece of your brand with your with your Microwaveable Paper keeping their food warm.

Customized microwave paper is not only great for the holidays and cold weather, but any time you want to keep your food warm.

Microwaveable paper holds in heat just as long as foil. And, an added perk, you can BURN your BRAND by customizing it.

Don’t forget about all the other holidays that pepper the year.

Everyone LOVE’s a Holiday, so Value Them!

It’s one of the #1 reason people eat out!

Tie your restaurants theme to a holiday, if there’s not an obvious one like, Cinco de Mayo for Mexican, Spanish, or Latino type food, then be inventive and seek out the general holidays to create an event around.

Or create your own holiday (anyone for an “Eat with your Hand” Holiday 😉 at maybe a BBQ place?

Make sure to advertise this on your web site and social media sites like Facebook.

Remember, use every opportunity you can to BURN your Brand.

Holidays the perfect time to show customers who you are through your custom product packaging and microwaveable paper.

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