Custom Packaging & Products Offers Free Ideas For Restaurant Marketing Plans

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Custom Packaging & Products, Inc. debuts new eBook: “9 Custom
Packaging Products & 53 Ways to Use Them” where restaurant owners
can learn free strategies to implement into their marketing plans.

Ryan Van Horn

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March 7, 2011 (Cape Coral, FL) Custom Packaging & Products, Inc.
announces the debut of their new eBook, “9 Custom Packaging Products
and 53 Ways to Use Them”. The book reviews a variety of custom
packaging products, as well as uses for the products that incorporate
creative strategies in which restaurant and deli owners can implement into their overall marketing plans.


“The success of our clients is very important to us,” said Ryan Van
Horn, Custom Packaging & Products, Inc. “We published this eBook in
an effort to help educate our clients about the marketing strategies
that should be considered when purchasing their food packaging. We want
to ensure that they are taking advantage of the various branding
opportunities and multiple uses of the products.”

The tips shared in “9 Custom Packaging Products and 53 Ways to Use Them” illustrate the uses of products such as printed food bags, custom printed deli paper, hot paper, and butcher paper. The eBook also provides detailed information and even the history of products such as personalized wrapping paper and custom labels or stickers.

The Custom Packaging Products eBook, 9 Custom Packaging Products and 53 Ways to Use Them, is currently available and free to download.

About Custom Packaging & Products:
Custom Packaging & Products, Inc. is a family business that was
started in 1977 by John Van Horn Sr. and now run by his son Ryan Van
Horn and daughter Andrea Brooker.

With over 32 years in the paper business, Custom Packaging &
Products, Inc. is positioned as the only manufacturer of short-run
custom printed food service papers in the United States. Their #1 goal
is customer service and satisfaction. Their main focus is helping the
small independent restaurant brand their business with  custom printed food wrappers as one facet of their overall marketing plans.