Custom Packaging says: “Thanks A Brunch!” to Fatburger Restaurants and the New FOX-TV Series “Bob’s Burgers”

Ryan Van HornCustom Packaging and Products

Have you been to Fatburger lately?

If so, you may have enjoyed a tasty “Thanks A Brunch Burger” straight out of FOX-TV’s newest animated series “Bob’s Burgers”!

Custom Packaging teamed up with Fatburger Restaurants across the country to help promote the new series on FOX’s Sunday Animation lineup “Bob’s Burgers.” We provided promotional items along with custom “Bob’s Burgers” food wrap, to all 72 Fatburger locations in under a week! Participating Fatburger Restaurants will have “Thanks a Brunch Burger” as a special menu item promoting the new series now through February 28th.

If you haven’t watched it yet, you should! Here’s the scoop…

“Bob” is a third-generation restaurateur (voice by H. Jon Benjamin). He runs “Bob’s Burgers” with the help of his wife and their three kids:

  • Tina – the oldest, is a hopeless romantic with no social skills
  • Gene – the middle child, is an aspiring musician and a little prankster
  • Louise – the youngest child (and most enthusiastic about the family business) has an off-balance sense of humor that makes her a bit of a liability!

Bob is an expert on burgers, condiments and sides…but has few thoughts about customer service or running a business (maybe he could use some custom branding on the show from Custom Packaging. 😉 Business is slow at “Bob’s Burgers”, but Bob is working with his family and living his dream, so he’s loving life!

So…next Sunday, go to your closest Fatburger and have them grill you up a nice, juicy “Thanks A Brunch Burger” straight out of the menu on the show. Then, once you’re in character, go home and tune into “Bob’s Burgers” for some great laughs!

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