Food Packaging Company Prints Custom Eco-Kraft Deli Paper for Facebook

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Custom Packaging & Products, Inc., a food packaging company,
has been hired to print the eco-kraft paper for Facebook’s corporate
headquarters’ restaurant.

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(September 17, 2012) An effective and comprehensive brand strategy
provides businesses with an edge in increasingly competitive markets.
Branding is the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol, or design
that identifies and differentiates a product from other products. A
brand conveys a business’ promise to its customers and promotes the face
of its products or services.


Facebook recognizes the importance of branding and has been very
purposed in its branding strategies. Today, nearly everyone knows what
the lowercase “f” in a blue box represents. Custom Packaging &
Products Inc., a food packaging company based in Southwest Florida,
has been engaged to promote Facebook in a very unique way. The company
has been tasked with developing and printing Eco-Kraft deli paper for Facebook’s corporate headquarters restaurant.

“Even large corporations like Facebook are looking for short runs of
custom printed deli paper to brand their product,” said RyanVan Horn.
“Our products allow companies to purchase the short runs and still be
able to brand their products without purchasing the large quantities
from the big players in the marketplace.”

CP&P offers a variety of custom printed products
that provide brand recognition through customized packaging. “The
cornerstone of a business’ brand is its logo. Effectively promoting that
logo on food packaging may seem unexpected, but it helps to establish
brand equity,” said Van Horn. “Facebook is a company that understands
branding and the fact that they are using our products says a lot about
our company’s success and ability to meet the specialized needs of our

Custom Packaging & Products has not only branded numerous events, including the 2010 Winter Olympics and the Southern Ground Music & Food Festival, but they’ve also helped to brand restaurants like Fatburger
and now Facebook’s restaurant at their corporate headquarters. They
have found a niche by providing short runs of custom printed (branded)
food service wrappers which are perfect for restaurants, delis, food
trucks, and event promoters.

CP&P has developed three complimentary eBooks, including Branding Today: What Every Restaurant Owner Needs to Know
and offers concept to design packaging, specifically developed to help
brand a positive image into the minds of their client’s customers.

Custom Packaging & Products, Inc. is a food packaging company
and a family business that was started in 1977 by John Van Horn Sr. and
now run by his son Ryan Van Horn. With over 32 years in the paper
business, Custom Packaging & Products, Inc is positioned as the only
manufacturer of short runs of custom printed food service papers in the
United States.

Their #1 goal is customer service and satisfaction. Their main focus
is helping the small independent restaurant brand their business with
custom printed food wrappers. For more information call 888-895-7540 or visit their blog at