Food Truck Marketing: 4 Questions to Consider

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Mobile Food Trucks are the next new thing in the service industry! With lower startup and marketing costs, it has been a great way for chefs to hit the road with their delicious dishes!

Food Truck Marketing: Foodies Enjoying Mobile Food

Food Truck Marketing: Foodies Enjoying Mobile Food

There are 4 important questions you need to ask yourself when starting up a Food Truck:

  • Do you have knowledge of local business laws & licensing that dictate where you can operate?
  • Have you determined the costs of staff, truck maintenance, marketing, mobile POS system, and security if you are collecting cash?
  • Are you tech savvy and feel comfortable tapping into social networking to spread word of your location and your daily specials?
  • Do you have a method of branding your food, so when your customers walk away from your food truck – they are advertising for you?
That’s a lot of details!

Food truck marketing consists of not only wrapping your truck with your logo, web site address, Facebook & Twitter URL’s, but also wrapping your food in a similar fashion, and that is were I can help!This is something restaurants and deli’s have been doing for years to bring brand recognition to their products. Word will spread far and wide into the office buildings where people are bringing your delicious food and the  custom printer sandwich wrapper will tell them were it came from and even better, how to get it!

When you are ordering your Custom Packaging, don’t forget to put your:
  • Logo
  • Web Site Address
  • Twitter URL (Address)
  • Facebook URL (Address)
that will ensure the “Foodies” in the area will know how to find you!

Give me a call at 888-895-7540 or contact me to find out how much it will cost to get your branded food in front or as many people as possible!

Here’s to your Food Truck Marketing Success!

– Ryan

President of a Custom Printed Food Wrap Company