Google Orders Custom Deli Paper for New York Restaurant

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CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA – Custom Packaging & Products has been hired to print custom deli paper for 5 Borough Bistro, one of Google’s two New York cafés. The restaurant attracts over a thousand Google employees and is also open to the general public.


“Google understands the value of branding, and our products give them an original way to promote their brand,” explains Ryan Van Horn, president of Custom Packaging & Products. “After Google contacted us, we worked with them to create an affordable short run of custom-printed wrap for the sandwiches in their restaurant.”

Van Horn normally prints food service paper for small delis, sandwich shops, and other independent restaurants. How does he explain Google, one of the largest brands in the world, choosing his company’s services? “Businesses want to show off their uniqueness, no matter how big or small they are. Even though Google is a large brand, each of their restaurants is run by a small group of people with a passion for what they do. They want to share that, just like an independent restaurant owner would.”

Custom Packaging & Products can now count Google among its other big-name customers like Facebook, the 2010 Winter Olympics, the Food Network, and sports teams like the Florida Gators. But for Van Horn, it’s not about the size of the names. “It’s nice to know that large companies feel comfortable choosing our products. It tells me that we’ve earned our reputation. But behind a big name there’s always a person with pride in their unique product.” For Van Horn, it’s about helping these people highlight their uniqueness, whether they work at Google or behind their own food cart on wheels.

Custom Packaging & Products, Inc. is a food packaging manufacturer and a family business that was started in 1977 by John Van Horn Sr. and now run by his son Ryan Van Horn. With over 32 years in the paper business, Custom Packaging & Products is the only manufacturer of short runs of custom-printed food service papers in the United States. For more information call 888-895-7540 or visit


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