Have a Group or Business Meeting Lunch to Help Spread Your Brand.

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Think about it this way: The more people eating your food, noticing your food packaging supplies…

This is the 9th tip in our series “12 Ways to Build Your Brand and Increase Your Sales.” If you’d like, you can download all of the tips in an easy to read eBook format at CustomPackagingandProducts.com.

the more saturated your brand becomes in its community.

If you have the space in your restaurant, consider creating a group or business meeting lunch program.

The modern company meeting is happening over breakfast, lunch or dinner.

These are key opportunities to get business and make them notice your branding through your service and food packaging supplies.

Make sure these meetings involve your restaurant.

Whether a company meeting comes in for a meal or orders out, your food packaging supplies are key to getting your brand name ingrained in their heads.

And if you’ve ever worked in an office, you know that if they liked you once, there is likely to be a frequency in which people return for business. Or just for pleasure.

You could also begin a Birthday Special where the birthday boy or girl eats free. In birthday party cases, the birthday boy/girl will bring in their whole entire posse of people hungry for food!

Another great chance to get your brand out there with your service, food, and food packaging supplies.

Finally, if customers are loyal, reward them.

Let your loyal customers know that you are looking to create a network of “foodies” that will come in together for a set discounted menu price.

You can offer several signature dishes will be available for them to sample and to post reviews online.

It is a gesture that most customers enjoy greatly and appreciate.

So, the more, the merrier. Have a group or business meeting lunch and spread your brand!

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