Increase Your Check Average with a 2-for-1!

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Offering your customers deals is a great way…

This is the 8th tip in our series “12 Ways to Build Your Brand and Increase Your Sales.” If you’d like, you can download all of the tips in an easy to read eBook format at

to increase business and hype.

As a restaurant owner, it’s always nice to increase your check average. In fact, you WANT to increase check averages.

The question is, how to increase check averages while promoting your brand?

It’s a 2-for-1.

Here are some methods to consider:

If you offer side items, or as the French like to say “a la carte,” you will not only increase check averages, but you can push your Brand even more! It’s a 2-for-1.

Offer side items like

  • Desserts,
  • Drink refills, or
  • Alternative drinks.

Think about McDonald’s (now defunct) Supersize campaign. The Supersize concept was entwined not only with McDonald’s, but with the actual side item.

Another method is coming around with a dessert platter with your custom Kraft Paper Sheets underneath your sweets. Just because a customer doesn’t ask for it doesn’t mean they don’t want it!

You could also offer rolling specials or non-advertised specials.

Nothing can put me over the edge like a 2-for-1 or BOGO FREE for drinks, appetizers or even desserts.

This is part of your brand-making that can get really exciting and creative.

Think outside the box, consider the theme of your restaurant and take a risk.

The most important thing is to test and measure to make sure your ideas create profits.

If an idea doesn’t work, nix it and move on.

You might also want to consider selling merchandise.

You’d be surprised how many people want a t-shirt to match the logo on your custom Kraft Paper sheets.

And like we say, custom Kraft Paper Sheets is a 2-for-1 deal in itself.

Not only do you need the paper to move the food, but it gets your brand out there!

If you are interested in having some custom packaging made to increase your check average, or you have any questions about our custom packaging – feel free to contact us, or call us at 888-895-7540.