Personal Branding: Make Sure That You Are Investing in Your Brand.

Ryan Van HornCustom Packaging and Products, Our Services

Let’s say you have sandwich shop…

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Nothing irks a customer more than watching their sandwich get pummeled by an employ who does not know how to wrap a sandwich with care.

Part of personal branding is instilling in your workers the care and respect you have for your product. It’s important that they become invested in your brand as well since they are representing it.

Whether it’s teaching your workers how to wrap a sandwich or when to smile at your customers, your brand is inclusive.

Train your people to understand the company’s values so that they can be a loyal voice and advocate for your business and help continue to Burn the Brand into your clients’ minds.

Let them know that each of them have a voice in the company.

Encouraging new ideas from your staff breeds creativity. It gives workers a stake in the process and makes them feel more connected to the brand.

If you put the time and care into teaching each employee, say, a simple thing like how to wrap a sandwich with care, each and every task it takes to run your restaurant successfully will feel just as important. Making the customer notice the care you and your workers take.

In a sense it comes down to trust.

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