Restaurant Branding – How 12 Restaurants Successfully Market Themselves

Ryan Van HornBranding Today - What Every Restaurant Owner Needs to Know

Branding Today- What Every Restaurant Owner Needs To Know

Restaurant branding seems like an easy concept to understand right? You either make or purchase signs, napkins, food wrappers, etc and you brand them with your company name, logo, and perhaps your slogan too, right? The goal of all this branding is to remind your guests where they ate the most delicious burger/salad/specialty dish ever.

So if restaurant branding (also food truck, deli, and event branding) is such an easy concept to understand, why aren’t more restaurant owners doing it? Perhaps they perceive it as an expense that they can trim in order to be more competitive?

What if I told you that it costs less than you might think AND gave you examples of how 12 other business across the United States leveraged restaurant branding techniques to increase their sales and market share?

Well, over the past couple months, I’ve done exactly that. Allow me to recap what you may have missed:

  1. How Fatburger Used Custom Printed Deli Sheets for Success
  2. Rebranding Strategies – How The RedFrog Pub Used Customized Deli Paper
  3. The Office – 
Achieving a High-End Restaurant Brand
  4. How NYC Bagel Masters Food Marketing with Deli Paper
  5. AJ Bombers Utilizes Food Branding Techniques to Keep Customers Coming Back
  6. Pinchers Crab Shack – Use Color to Convey the Message
  7. The Tavern Hospitality Group – Branding Helps Segment Your Target Market
  8. Indiana Pork – Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace
  9. Grindhouse Killer Burgers – Leveraging a Memorable Brand Name
  10. Jet Runway Café – Make Your Brand Visible
  11. Barclays Golf Tournament – Sometimes Small Quantities are Right
  12. Six Feed Under – When Consumers Spread Your Brand on Social Media

These 12 restaurants employed custom printed food wrappers into their marketing mix and have successfully promoted their business. Obviously it takes a lot of hard work, marketing efforts, great food, and excellent service to make your venue successful. But you can do it just like they did, and we can help!

Download a free copy of Branding Today: What Every Restaurant Owner Needs to Know to learn how to increase your bottom line through the power of branding!

Otherwise if you want to tune up your branding efforts today, call us at (888) 878-2423 and we’ll get you hooked up with an assortment of take home bags, basket liners, taco wrappers, and whatever else you may need for your restaurant, deli, food truck or event!