Strike Up a Conversation with Restaurant Owners!

Ryan Van HornRestaurant Marketing

Restaurant OwnersIf you own a restaurant, chances are you’re dealing problems that other owners have already dealt with. Why not learn from the wisdom of people who’ve already been there?

You can do this by participating in a free online discussion area, or forum, with people who share a common interest.

If you’ve never used a free online forum before, here are some tips to help you get the most of it:

  • First, read what others have already written. You might even find that your question has already been asked and answered! If not, you’ll at least see the etiquette that others follow.
  • Check the rules of the forum. These are often posted near the top. The rules might say that you’re not allowed to blatantly advertise, for example.
  • Answer someone else’s question. It feels good to give!
  • If you ask a question, try to make the community better. In other words, ask a question you think others would also like to have answered.

Try checking out the “Restaurant Biz Talk” area of the Foodservice Forum. You might find like-minded people asking and answering all sorts of interesting questions.