What size paper should I order?

Maximum Case and Roll Sizes

Your custom-printed paper can be up to 36 inches wide for one color or 30 inches wide for two colors. If you order by the roll, each roll will be 750 feet long. If you order by the case, we can cut the length to any size.

How to Measure for Custom Sizes

To find the ideal size of custom-printed paper for your food, use a piece of newspaper. For wrapped foods, cut the newspaper and make sure it can wrap the food. For liners, set the newspaper in the container and cut it to size.

In addition to rectangles, we can also cut circles up to 13 inches in diameter.

Popular Sizes

Some popular sizes that we cut for our customers include:

  • 10" X 10.75”
  • 12" X 10.75”
  • 15" X 10.75”
  • 15" X 15”

Custom Printing. Small Quantities. Fast Delivery.

We at Custom Packaging & Products have helped many businesses create small orders of custom-printed food pacakaging. We make it cost-effective to print minimum orders of just one case!

If you’re a restaurant or food vendor, you want your customers to remember their experience. Every time someone takes a bite of your food or posts a photo of it online, you want them to see your name and remember who made it unique.

Because our specialized equipment is set up for short print runs, we can help you create this experience for your customers.