Custom Printed Cheese Paper


Looks good.

Protects good.

Do you need to keep cheese healthy while you store it? Wouldn’t it be nice if your cheese could look good with your company brand at the same time?

Our custom printed cheese paper extends the life of cheese by maintaining the proper level of humidity. And it looks great, too!

We print on one-ply, polyethylene-coated paper. This offers a stronger, more adaptable substrate than the two-ply cheese papers that are imported from overseas.

Our custom-printed cheese wrapping paper:

  • Creates the ideal environment for storing all types of cheese
  • Looks great when printed with your custom logo or design (currently one color)
  • Is available in white or brown, in sheets or rolls, and in small quantities
  • Is printed in Cape Coral, Florida on USDA-approved direct-contact base stocks

Need a price?

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