#1 – Brand Marketing: So You Want to Stick in Their Minds?

Ryan Van HornBrand marketing, Food Marketing, Restaurant Marketing

Brand marketing with custom printed food bags

This is the 1st of 9 Custom Packaging Products & 53 Ways to Use Them which can be downloaded for FREE from our eBook library.

Do you want your restaurant’s name to appear everywhere?

Brand marketing your restaurant is not just something that’s reserved for your advertising and marketing material. It should appear on anything and everything that is associated with your food, including your food bags!

Imagine someone carrying around a to-go bag from your restaurant with your logo on it, it’s like a walking billboard. Free brand marketing!

If someone is observing someone eating a hot pretzel as they stroll through the food court, or sitting at a table munching on fries, your logo should be the first thing that others notice.

9 Custom Packaging Products & 53 Ways to Use ThemFood bags can be custom printed very versatile. Some of the ways we see them used include:

  • Merchandise bag
  • Hot Dog Bag
  • French Fry Bag
  • To-go Bag
  • Sub sandwich bag
  • Hot Pretzel Bag
  • Bread-stick Bag
  • Cookie Bag

If you are interested in having some custom food bags made, or you have any questions about our custom packaging – feel free to contact us, or call us at 888-895-7540.