10. How to Write Your Own Press Release

Ryan Van Horn11 Creative Ideas for Event Marketing

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Press releases are an absolute must for any event! They’re a great way to get free exposure online and in print. Here are some tips for writing a compelling press release and getting the most exposure out of it:

1. Use the proper format. Create a strong headline and a captivating opening sentence that sums up the most important details of the message you are conveying. Write in the 3rd person (as if you are a reporter), and make sure your statements are reporting the “facts,” not opinion. Make sure to answer the five “W” questions (who, what, where, when and why). If possible, include a quote from the event organizer or appropriate representative.

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2. Keep it concise. Keep a press release to one page, as most reporters don’t want to read more than that. They will contact you if they need anything else.

3. Be professional, yet engaging. Your press release should be a balanced amount of hard information and personality.

4. Think about your media audience. Put yourself in the journalist’s shoes. Ask yourself what’s newsworthy about your story.

5. Make sure your release can be accessed easily. Use plain text, PDF, Word, and links to websites. Don’t use formats or technologies that can’t easily be opened.

6. Post your release online. There are several free PR websites that will let you post your press release online at no charge (www.prlog.org, for example). Make sure you are being search engine savvy by including a keyword phrase relevant to the event in the title and body of your press release.

7. Don’t forget your contact information! At the top of the press release, make sure to include a “Media Contact” section with information for the person the media should contact. Also include an “About” section at the bottom of the press release with a brief overview of your organization.

When you’re done, send it to the local media! Usually newspapers and radio stations will allow you submit your press release directly on their websites.