#6 – Keep Meat and Fish Fresh and Customer’s Minds Fresher with Custom Butcher Paper

Ryan Van HornBrand marketing, Food Marketing, Restaurant Marketing

Keep meat and fish fresh with butcher paper (Photo courtesy of Flickr User Wildcat Dunny)

This is the 6th of 9 Custom Packaging Products & 53 Ways to Use Them which can be downloaded for FREE from our eBook library.

Don’t you only want the best…when it comes to fresh fish?

Only the best fresh fish or quality cut of meat is wrapped in butcher paper. Have you ever thought of customizing it? What better way to promote your company and it’s views on fresh, quality meats?

As people get home and start to unwrap their fresh fillet of fish or thick juicy steak, they will be staring right at your logo and make the association between your branding and their perfect cut of meat.

9 Custom Packaging Products & 53 Ways to Use ThemOr, just think about the next time someone is going to grill out or prepare a nice dinner inside. They will immediately think about where to get the freshest meat. They will easily remember you because of your custom printed butcher paper.

The marketing also extends to any friends or family that may be coming over to help cook or grill. The place where the host purchased the meat may not have a chance to come up in conversation, however, if the meat is wrapped in custom butcher paper, it becomes an unspoken knowledge to guests.

Not only can butcher paper be used for wrapping the freshest meats, it can also serve as sandwich wraps or plate and table presentations.

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