6. Marketing Your Event with Direct Mail

Ryan Van Horn11 Creative Ideas for Event Marketing


Photo courtesy of D Sharon Pruitt.

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Marketing your event through direct mail can be effective if it’s done correctly. However, if it’s not a well-thought-out campaign, it can be very costly.

As we discussed, targeting your audience is essential in marketing. However, it is particularly important when you are paying for printing and postage.

An established event will have a database of mailing addresses from previous attendees and sponsors, so this is a good start. If it is your first event, then you’ll have to be a little creative. Here are two suggestions for compiling your mailing list:

  • If your event is supporting a non-profit organization, they should be able to provide you with a mailing list of volunteers, donors, and supporters. These people are more likely to be interested in your event because they already have a connection to the organization.
  • Consider using a direct mail marketing company. They can provide you with a mailing list based on demographics or geographic areas.

Don’t neglect the design

The design of your direct mail promotional piece must stand out and be visually appealing or risk getting buried in the mail. The average person only gives a couple seconds of attention to each piece of mail before deciding whether to toss it.

If a graphic designer’s fee won’t fit in your budget, remember that simple is best. Highlight the most enticing point of the event. Use pictures or words that evoke emotion. Show the reader why your event is important.

When you think you’re done, hold the piece at arm’s length and glance at it for only one second. Does your message get through?