7. Advertising Your Event: TV, Radio, Print, Signs

Ryan Van Horn11 Creative Ideas for Event Marketing

TVThis is the seventh of 11 Creative Ideas for Event Marketing, a free eBook.

If you have an advertising budget, traditional advertising methods may be a good option for getting the word out. Typically, “traditional” includes:

  • Print – newspaper, magazines, and other publications
  • Television – television networks and cable companies
  • Radio – stations sell air time or offer endorsements by talk show hosts
  • Signs – billboard companies, bus benches, live sign holders, median signs, ads on vehicles, etc.

If you speak to an advertising sales representative, they can provide you with information about their audience. For example, a radio station can tell you the demographics of their listeners (age, gender, income level, etc.) and approximately how many people your ad will reach. With this information you can estimate the cost of the ad per person and decide if it’s worth your investment.

With the advent of newer advertising methods, traditional advertising has more competition and therefore fewer advertisers. Print, in particular, has seen a decline in advertisers since the popularity of the Internet.

Despite the shift, if you have the budget, you should not rule these methods out for promoting your event. They can still be very effective.