#7 – Personalized Wrapping Paper: Marketing Opportunity Made Possible Through Gift Giving

Ryan Van HornBrand marketing, Food Marketing, Restaurant Marketing

Personalized Wrapping Paper (Photo courtesy of Flickr user Neeta Lind)

This is the 7th of 9 Custom Packaging Products & 53 Ways to Use Them which can be downloaded for FREE from our eBook library.

Is giving better than receiving?

When you have personalized wrapping paper, you’ll receive free marketing every time you give.

Gift giving has been around a long time and continues to bring excitement to the receiver while the giver enjoys the warm and fuzzy feeling that giving provides.

Did you know…gift wrapping began in Victorian times, when elaborate card making evolved into elaborate wrapping papers for presents? Wrapping paper soon became popular and with the invention of the printing press, the paper could then be made in mass quantities.

Personalized wrapping paper is an awesome way to incorporate branding of your business into the joy of gift giving. Your custom wrap can be used for:

  • 9 Custom Packaging Products & 53 Ways to Use ThemGift Presentation
  • Store Identification
  • Brand Identification

Speaking of gift giving, here are some of my tips that will help you be remembered fondly:

  1. Give them something THEY want
  2. Be Specific
  3. Don’t buy something someone would by for themselves
  4. Keep to a budget
  5. Don’t skip on the presentation
  6. Keep it simple

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