#9 – The Dreaded Freezer Burn: Easily Prevented and Marketed With Custom Printed Freezer Paper

Ryan Van HornBrand marketing, Food Marketing, Restaurant Marketing

Freezer Paper prevents Freezer burn (Photo courtesy of Flickr user stevendepolo)

This is the 9th of 9 Custom Packaging Products & 53 Ways to Use Them which can be downloaded for FREE from our eBook library.

Be their freezer burn hero, and they will never forget you!

Freezer paper is a durable paper that prevents air and moisture from getting to the food. It protects the flavor, quality and nutrition of the food during freezing temperatures and prevents freezer burn.

Another great characteristic of freezer paper…easy to write on! Dates and food become easily identified without having to unwrap the mystery package.

9 Custom Packaging Products & 53 Ways to Use ThemNot only can Freezer paper rid food of freezer burn, but it can also be used for stenciling, quilting fabrics or protecting counters and lining shelves or drawers.

We recommend they be used for the following:

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