Branding Today eBook: What Every Restaurant Owner Needs To Know!

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In today’s economy, it’s imperative that you make the right choices when it comes to restaurant branding, marketing, and sales. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been in the business for years, you can benefit from creating a unique brand for your product.

Our 12 branding tips are based on actual clients and experiences. At Custom Packaging and Products, we’re happy to share what you need to know. Find out how the following restaurants used branding to gain awareness in their market:

  1. Fatburger
  2. The RedFrog Pub on Carnival Cruise Lines
  3. The Office
  4. NYC Bagel Company
  5. AJ Bombers
  6. Pinchers Crab Shack
  7. The Tavern
  8. Indiana Pork
  9. Grindhouse Burgers
  10. Jet Runway Café
  11. Barclays Golf Tournament
  12. Six Feet Under

Food presentation and photos are everything in the restaurant business. If your dishes are memorable enough to stand out, it’s likely they will be shared. In the past, someone might have just passed along the recommendation to one or two friends. But now, they’re sending photos to everyone in their network. By having your logo and brand prominently displayed in those photos, you can really take advantage of positive word of mouth advertising!

Remember, success comes from being seen. If you aren’t managing the visual impact of your brand, you’re losing out on a key element of restaurant branding success.

Are you ready to BE SEEN?

Branding Today- What Every Restaurant Owner Needs To KnowCustom/personalized wrapping paper can give your products brand recognition. It is very useful when presenting and making a great impression to your clients.  At Custom Packaging & Products we refer to this as “Burning a positive experience into the minds of your customers!”.  If you’d like to learn even more food marketing strategies through custom packaging, download our other free eBook Branding Today: What Every Restaurant Owner Needs To Know! or simply contact us online.

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