Make Sure That Your Quality Products Aren’t Wrapped in Trash!

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Like I mentioned in my earlier tip about…

This is the 7th tip in our series “12 Ways to Build Your Brand and Increase Your Sales.” If you’d like, you can download all of the tips in an easy to read eBook format at

training your people from everything to how to wrap a sandwich (use Kraft Paper Rolls!) to smiling at customers (Tip 4), your Brand is your image.

It’s how you present yourself.

The restaurants with the best reputations have quality products with customers that trust them.

Here are some measures that you should try to maintain so that the quality of your food matches the quality of your Kraft Paper Rolls, and if you didn’t know, Kraft Paper is Eco friendly and great quality.

  • Keeping it fresh.
    • Review your menu every 6 months to make sure that your food costs are in line with the menu prices.
    • Customers become discouraged when they notice overpriced food items.
    • If the food costs don’t align with the menu prices, customers are inclined to cook at home.
  • Review menu items for
    • Profitability, make adjustments as needed, after all, you are running a business.
    • If the food item isn’t selling, take it off the menu and decrease any losses.
  • Keep an eye on the trends.
    • While you want your brand to be a constant thing, it’s inevitable that small changes to it should happen over time with new trends.
    • Perhaps your logo becomes more specific, you should update your Paper Rolls.
    • Don’t let yourself become outdated; make sure your are on the front end of it.

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