11: Barclays Golf Tournament – Sometimes Small Quantities are Right

Ryan Van HornBranding Today - What Every Restaurant Owner Needs to Know


This is the eleventh installment of “Branding Today – What Every Restaurant Owner Needs to Know,” which can be downloaded FREE from our eBook library.

Are you a small business or a large corporation? In our world, it doesn’t matter! You don’t have to have mega-bucks to take advantage of the branding opportunities inherent in CPP custom paper.

Barclay’s Golf Tournament was a customer who didn’t have an ongoing need for custom paper; they needed basket liners for the occasion. Their weekend-long event was branded, but extra large quantities just weren’t appropriate in this circumstance. So how did they brand the event?

CPP came to the rescue because we’re able to offer small print runs. Unlike many marketing businesses today, you don’t have to order in large volume to get great value.

If you’re looking for a small order of custom paper, CPP is one of the few companies in North America who can offer that convenience.

Branding Today - What Every Restaurant Owner Needs To KnowHow else can you take advantage of small print runs? When you think of branding, don’t limit yourself. You can brand a company, an ingredient, a service, an event, and more. Read Chapter 1 of Brain Tattoos by Karen Post for inspiration!

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