2. Where to Display Your Event’s Logo

Ryan Van Horn11 Creative Ideas for Event Marketing

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This is the second of 11 Creative Ideas for Event Marketing, a free eBook.

Displaying your event logo in print ads and flyers seems like a no brainer. But there are more creative places you can try!

Are you hosting a sporting event? Talk to local sports bars about having your event logo printed on their basket liners. We offer “short run” custom pieces, so it’ll be affordable for a single event.

Maybe your event is targeting business professionals. Is there a popular deli or café that many of them go to for lunch? Consider having your event info or logo printed on their to-go bags, deli wraps, and so on.

Restaurants may agree to do this at no charge if you provide them with basket liners, food bags, or other materials, because it saves them the cost. Or they may consider doing it in trade for sponsorship benefits, such as having their logo included on other event marketing materials.

There are plenty of other places to display your logo or ad:

  • Food menus and place mats
  • Bus stops and benches
  • Restroom stalls
  • Taxis or buses
  • Median signs
  • Elevators
  • Subways
  • Airports