3. Incentives for Sponsors of Your Event

Ryan Van Horn11 Creative Ideas for Event Marketing

Will sponsor for incentivesThis is the third of 11 Creative Ideas for Event Marketing, a free eBook.

Now that you know your target market, think of other businesses that are trying to reach the same audience. Then, use the fact that you’ll have a large number of these people gathered in one place (your event!) to entice sponsors and advertisers.

You can provide great incentives for sponsors of your event. You could offer to highlight a sponsor, for example:

  • In table or marketing displays
  • On your deli wrap or basket liners that will be on all of the food sold at the event
  • On a banner or sign
  • In other event marketing and promotion (newspaper ads, TV ads, flyers, food packaging, gift wrapping, etc.)
  • On the gift wrapping for door prizes, raffles, or auction prizes
  • On shirts or apparel
  • In radio ads leading up to the event