4: How NYC Bagel Masters Food Marketing with Deli Paper

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NYC Bagel

This is the fourth installment of “Branding Today – What Every Restaurant Owner Needs to Know,” which can be downloaded FREE from our eBook library.

Who’s seeing your food and its packaging?

It might very well be a celebrity. Branding impacts everyone that sees your product, so it’s crucial to look good – at all times!

NYC Bagel Deli is based out of Chicago, Illinois. They’ve always been focused on branding, and their efforts keep positioning their bagels, bagel sandwiches, and pizza as the special food that it is.

As a CPP customer, NYC Bagel Deli uses food marketing to put its brand front and center at every opportunity.

But who sees them?

When NYC Bagel Deli is catering, their deli papers are being seen by professionals at Groupon, the Chicago Bulls, Pepsi, Boars Head, Tropicana, Wells Fargo, and many other A-list companies.

You just never know who is going to see your food. NYC Bagel Deli prepared an order of over 400 sandwiches that were delivered to the cast and crew of the Superman movie that was filming in downtown Chicago.

Every single sandwich was wrapped in branded paper from CPP! Now, even Superman knows who made those delicious sandwiches.

The success of NYC Bagel Deli’s food branding campaign has allowed them to launch a successful box lunch program and to open three store locations.Branding Today - What Every Restaurant Owner Needs To Know

If you want to dig further in food marketing, there are some really interesting examples of how food marketing experts can harness the power of celebrities and other power players in branding campaigns.

Check out the book Brandwashed by Martin Lindstrom and don’t miss our favorite chapter, #7: Marketers’ Royal Flush.

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