4. Marketing at Your Event’s Venue

Ryan Van Horn11 Creative Ideas for Event Marketing


This is the fourth of 11 Creative Ideas for Event Marketing, a free eBook.

The venue may also be a great source of event marketing. If it’s a popular venue for other events (such as sporting events, concerts, etc.), or if it gets traffic on a daily basis (such as a park, restaurant, etc.), then you’ll want to make sure everyone knows that your event is coming up at the same venue! Here are some suggestions:

Banners, flyers, or signs
See if the venue will allow you to display signage leading up to the event. Some may do this free of charge, others may do it for a fee, or others may not allow it at all. It never hurts to ask!

Promotion on food packaging
Does your event venue have concessions or sell food? This is a great opportunity to provide them with custom food packaging that promotes your event. It can be used leading up to the event, as well as at the event itself.

Get in their existing ads
Does your event venue advertise? They may already be including your event as an upcoming feature. If they do not do this, but do advertise, offer to split some of the advertising costs if they will feature your event information in their current ads.