How Much Shelf Space Do You Have in Your Restaurant?

Ryan Van HornCustom Paper Products

Stacked Boxes

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Allerina & Glen MacLarty.

If you’re looking to order some foodservice paper wrappers, foil, foam, or plastic containers, you might be wondering if you’ll be able to fit a minimum order of them on your storage shelves!

We talk to lots of restaurant owners and managers who don’t have dozens of stores and can’t afford to order fifty cases of custom-printed foodservice paper at a time. This, they tell us, is the minimum order that custom printing companies will allow them to place.

Here are some case sizes to put things into perspective:

Foodservice paper | 5,000 sheets | 0.9 cu.ft. | 35 lbs
Foil sheets | 3,000 sheets | 0.9 cu.ft. | 17 lbs
Plastic hinged containers | 200 containers | 4.1 cu.ft. | 22 lbs
Foam hinged containers | 200 containers | 4.8 cu.ft. | 9 lbs

Imagine if someone told you you had to order a minimum of 50 cases in order to get custom printing on your order! We assume you’d rather not store 50 cubic feet of paper boxes (not to mention the total cost for 250,000 sheets!)

That’s why short printing runs are so valuable to unique restaurants and those with few locations.

If this is you, and you’d rather just order one case, let us know if we can help you!