How Thick Is Custom-Printed Food Paper?

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Some paper is thicker than others. So how do you make a comparison when discussing different thicknesses? There are two common systems paper makers and printers use: grammage and basis weight. Grammage Grammage measures the number of grams per square meter of paper. Typical office paper, for example, weighs about 80 grams per square meter. Sometimes this is abbreviated 80 …

How Much Shelf Space Do You Have in Your Restaurant?

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Photo courtesy of Flickr user Allerina & Glen MacLarty. If you’re looking to order some foodservice paper wrappers, foil, foam, or plastic containers, you might be wondering if you’ll be able to fit a minimum order of them on your storage shelves! We talk to lots of restaurant owners and managers who don’t have dozens of stores and can’t afford …

Is That Food Packaging Biodegradable?

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Ever wonder how long it takes the packaging around your food to biodegrade? We did some digging for you, metaphorically speaking! Let’s compare food, paper, aluminum foil, plastic bags, and polystyrene foam. Assuming all of these things are in the ground, surrounded by water, sunlight, soil, and microorganisms, here are the estimates: Food scraps: 1-6 months Paper: 2-5 months Aluminum …

Holidays are around the corner, are you looking for custom/personalized wrapping paper to make your products STAND OUT?

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Look no further – custom/personalized wrapping paper are available for the season of giving, in short run batches, so companies big and small can take advantage of this great marketing tool! Custom/Personalized Wrapping Paper is great for: